Sunday, September 2, 2012

Maine Event

This is a story about seeking and finding. And about how incredibly nice people can be.

 BikerBuck's sister-in-law, Kai Webber, and her family live in Litchfield, Maine and it was high time that BB paid them a visit. So naturally that's where he headed for his 38th state 50k ride.  In the process of researching possible routes, he discovered that The Maine Lighthouse Ride was going to happen on Sept. 8.  The good news was that there is a 40 mile option that promises 8 different lighthouses visible. The bad news was that BB's visit needed to happen over Labor Day Weekend and he would need to do his ride on the 2nd.  The complex urban route would be impossible for BB to follow on his own. Dang.

"Try wait," he exclaimed.  "What if I volunteered to do some route testing a week before the ride?  I'll just email the Eastern Trail Alliance folks and see if I could give them a hand."

Indeed Bob Bowker, ETA's vice president, responded that though my help was not needed, I was encouraged to ride the route on my own - and he sent me the cue sheet for the "8-Lighthouse" route. Done deal. The topper was that Kai and Ken came along to drive the route and keep an eye on me.

The Spring Point Light in South Portland is the starting point for the 40-mile route. Owing to his limited map reading skills and episodes of bone headedness, the Buckster required 47.3 miles to actually complete the route. Go figuah.

A mile away is the "Bug Light" and a spiffy interpretive area.

The story of Portland's important contributions to America in WWII is well presented.
Higgins Beach is a beauty!

 The Cape Elizabeth light is surrounded by homes and businesses.

OK, tell BB the model and year of this engineering masterpiece and win valuable prizes. It was there parked alongside Black Point Road, not for sale, just eye candy.  Hint: My dad bought a brand new one of these (blue, without the visor) and it was our family car for 10 years.  Ultimate hint: It's a 1948 Chrysler with fluid drive transmission. Final hint: BB  doesn't really have any valuable prizes. He just put that in there to get your attention.
Lobsterman Wannabe Buck

An out-and-back spur on the Ride goes through the Scarborough Marsh, the largest salt water marsh in Maine.
 These Cormorants were very entertaining - just doing their seashore thing.

The Black Point Inn looks elegant and friendly.
The Portland Head Light (photo), Ram Island Ledge Light and Halfway Light are visible on a clear day from Ft. Williams Park.
A massive mahalo to Kai and Ken Webber for their hospitality and beyond-the-call support.  BikerBuck is so grateful that he's staying with them for an extra week.

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