Friday, September 7, 2012

Conn Artist

Among Connecticut's many splendors is their attention to preservation of important and historic works of man. A great example is the The Old Airline Trail State Park in East Hampton, near Hartford. The natural artistry of the surroundings combines with man's vision and remarkable mechanical achievements that came together in the building of the Airline Railroad.

The Story is told in detail with trail signage like this.

BikerBuck was fortunate enough to meet Wendy, a "regular" on the Trail, and they rode together for the first 6-mile section. She is well versed on the history of the area and the railroad, and was the perfect companion for the beginning of the ride.

For example, she pointed out that these granite walls are the result of the rail builders carving out the bed from the the thick mountain sides. 

The rolling hills were no match for the resolve to provide essential rail service to a growing nation.

Scenes such as this embrace both sides of the trail.
I suspect that a forest fire reduced this stand of trees to stumps.
Bicycles need a little rest now and then, too.

The trail continues beyond the State Park section. BB rode about 5 miles of the extension, and when he got to this trail-side property he just sorta knew it was time to turn around.  The deer statues were charming. The '54 Chevy beckoned, but was clearly off limits. And, yes, that's an American flag on the pole. The occupant was busy behind the trailer working with something that produced loud noises. Show over.

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 With the completion of the Connecticut ride, BikerBuck is half-way through his Sweet Sixteen tour. Eight states to go, after a little beach break on the Jersey Shore with the couple you met last year in BB's Southern Comfort stop in Florida. Meanwhile, the Buckster took a little side trip down to New Haven this afternoon and hung out with the Yalies. Even had a late lunch at Morey's.

The Yale Tower is getting a little nip and tuck.
With a campus like this, Yale simply dominates New Haven.

BB's own personal experience at Yale is confined to his freshman year at Cornell when the Big Red Band performed at half time in the Yale Bowl. If you caught that 1960 Ivy League thriller, surly you'll remember the guy playing cymbals. Me.

(Yale won.)

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