Saturday, September 22, 2012

Post Cards from Ohio

 BikerBuck's Honolulu pal, Peter VanZile, conscripted his Cincinnati-based brother Dr. Jon VanZile and wife Karen to host BB at their place for his Ohio ride. The VanZiles were outstanding hosts and Jon, who is an accomplished competitive wheelman, took BB riding on the Loveland Trail.

Jon has lots of bikes. He was "in the Pink" today and selected a bike accordingly.
The ride from Jon and Karen's house to the trail went through Mariemont, a charming village in suburban Cincinnati.
The Loveland Trail is lovely in every way. Its paved surface is the finest BB has experienced.
Cars have their own viaduct.
The trail crosses the beautiful Little Miami River.
The former Loveland train station is now a bike rental shop.
Lawn decor at City Hall pays tribute to the healthy injection from the sport cycling contribution to the town's economy.
Seasonal trail decor is put up by nearby businesses and community groups.
Trailside flowers.
Beautiful vistas.
On the homeward route we stopped by the Cincinnati Observatory.

The Ohio ride was outstanding in every respect thanks to Jon and Karen, together with the weather fairy. We topped off the day's activities with lunch at Skyline. They do things with chili that rattles the imagination. It's not to be missed in Cincinnati!

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