Thursday, September 6, 2012

Rhode Trip

BikerBuck raved about the Cape Cod Trail, and it deserves the praise. But  Rhode Islands' East Bay Bike Path in Bristol is a trip! Clearly a contender for  top honors in the Fifty-Fifty honor role.

Just take a good look at this multi-use trail. Really can't say that I've ridden any finer...

...and the landscaping makes the excellence complete.

It's a Rail Trail all right.
Scenery is a living dream.

Wildlife habitat well maintained.

OK, so last year it was golf courses. Every state's story had to include one. But THIS is the year of the Waterfowl.  Seems like they are BB's poster critters for 2012.
Historic attraction is moments from the Trail... are Memorials such as this one that honers Revolutionary War soldiers from the area.
Not sure if this one honors the Pinta, the Nina, or that other one.
A dozen or more of these historical/informational placards tell complete stories.
The Providence skyline is mural-like from the perspective of the Trail rider.

Providence is a neat town. BB enjoyed a late afternoon walk along the river and through some of the downtown parks and streets. Quite the happening place. And there's a humming little "restaurant row" two floors below street level next the Courtyard Hotel and huge muni parking garage. The town exudes energy and accomplishment.  Hard work works in this town.

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