Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Cape Cod Caper

Now this is what a New England bike trail should look like, isn't it.

 No question mark need on the above caption because it's not questionable. BikerBuck did some research on where to ride in Massachusetts and narrowed it down to Cape Cod. From there is was a no-brainer. The Cap Cod Rail Trail is hands down one of the most admired trails in the East and is a tribute to the state's Department of Conservation and Recreation.

Nickerson State Park is located at the mid-point of the 22 mile trail. The park itself is laced with cycling trails that connect all of the camp site areas with the CCRT.  Originally a railroad bed between 1848 and the mid-sixties, the route connects all of the major points of interest  in the central Cape.

Lots of lovely picnic spots along the way.

Salt ponds and marshes surround the trail.

Handsome signage helps to make the trail a history lesson.

Neat and tidy. Well maintained. Litter-free. Just like BikerBuck likes it.

Several enclaves of beautiful homes festoon the CCRT.

No caption needed.


...and more tunnels.

The nearby National Park Service's Cape Cod National Seashore is a treasure not to be missed. The exhibits tell the story of the area from thousands of years ago, with detailed information regarding the human history of the area.

 BB spent the night in the T&C minivan, snug as a Cape Cod bug. Had a leisurely breakfast at a friendly place with wi-fi, the hit the road just as a predicted thunderstorm raged down on the Cape. Made it to Providence, RI just as the storm passed. Looking forward to the East Bay Bike Path tomorrow.


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  1. Hi there -- I'm putting together a photo feature on bike trail tunnels for the Belmont Citizens Forum Newsletter ( We're working to extend the Mass Central Rail Trail through Belmont, Massachusetts. May I have permission to reprint your tunnel picture?