Saturday, September 22, 2012

Yes Indiana, there is a Santa Claus

In 1956 BikerBuck lived in Oak Park IL where he was active in Boy Scouts and  completed two of the three "Lincoln Trails".  The trails replicated the routes that young Abe took in the places where he grew up, namely Illinois, Indiana and Kentucky.  He distinctly remembers walking through a tiny town by the name of Santa Claus, Indiana. The biggest activity in the place was the U.S. Post Office. Each December they were deluged with Christmas cards that the senders wished to be postmarked, "Santa Claus."

There wasn't so much as a water tower in that little town...then.

Now there is. It's the ground zero marker for Holiday World and Surfin' Safari - a huge entertainment campus in Santa Claus.  BB's son Thaddeus gave him an admission ticket as a Christmas gift last year. Today, BB drove 4 hrs. from Cincinnati to Santa Claus and arrived at the park with 90 minutes left before closing.  He did two coasters and a swing in the air thingy, and had a very nice walking tour under sunny skies. Thanks, Thad! It was a great gift.

We're talking Big Rides, Big Fun.  Santa gets to claim a fresh load of street cred, and the families that come here a fresh supply of Pepto Bismol. Put this place on your Christmas list this year!

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