Saturday, September 15, 2012

Yes, Virginia, there is a granny gear.

The day before his ride, BikerBuck toured Thomas Jefferson's Monticello in Charlottesville. It was a fascinating and rewarding experience, one which BB highly recommends.

The Virginia bike ride was the Rockfish Valley - Schuyler loop which, at 46.2 miles,  is BB's second longest ride in his 50-50 adventure with Hawaii on top at just over 60 miles. The rolling hills are fun to ride but what goes down must come up, so thank goodness for the granny gear!

Thanks to my new best VA friends at Blue Ridge for their kind support.

"Byway" is a great description of the roads traveled.
This is where the concept of "Share the Road" is truly Do or Die.
There are several sections of the route on "real" roads. The kind with lots of traffic. The "bike lane" is that white line. Drivers are well accustomed to cyclists and give plenty of cushion.
Mind you, there is a 0.3 mile connector on US 29 where you have a whole half-yard of pavement between the white line and the goobie goobie grass. That truck is sharing a bit of it.
Country churches are many...
...the environment bucolic...
...the estates are to die for...
...the Rockfish Post Office is modest...
...the homes eclectic...

 ...and the residents patriotic.

What began as a personal challenge to ride this demanding route has turned in to a deeper discovery of how Americans live.  Observing life from the saddle is a rewarding experience in and of itself. Together with personal interactions in hotels, cafes, shops, gas stations and at gathering places this adventure turns out to be less and less about the miles. Virginia, a state where Donivee and I lived and worked and where Sara was born, has re-emerged as a cherished piece of BB's personal geography.

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