Friday, August 31, 2012

Northern Exposure

If you want to find a great bike trail in Lebanon NH you park for free in the lot behind City Hall and look down towards the last row of cars and you'll see this unpretentious sign. It is in many ways a tribute in itself to the tireless work of the Friend of Northern volunteers and their chairman Dick MacKay.  It is a work in perpetual progress and stands as a tribute to all who serve their communities with such energy and enthusiasm. 

The road bed sliced through forest and field, over streams and gullies.
There is a variety of surfaces, hybrid tires are best.
Water is everywhere. In ponds...
...and spillways that powered textile and other manufacturing plants.
This abandoned textile mill reminds us that U.S. consumers failed to obey the singers' plea to "Look for the Union Label."
Spotted nearby: Building. Red. Big. Really big.
Clearly, Jerry Thibodeau is a candidate out standing in his field.
One short section of the trail is plagued with sink holes. This one was over 5 feet deep. A helpful neighbor marked it by inserting this tree branch.

It was great to see so many users enjoying the Northern today.  BikerBuck encourages everyone to consider cycling as a relaxing and rewarding way to get to know your community better while enjoying your personal outdoors.

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