Saturday, May 28, 2011

Wyoming Gets Straight A's

We said adios to Tex's early this morning and made tracks for Jackson, WY......when we were greeted by this sign in Alpine about 30 miles short of our destination:

That was the only glitch in what was otherwise a great morning and stunning drive up the Salt Creek Valley via Afton, Thayne, and Freedom. BikerBuck himself was agape at the valley's splendor.

At first we were just plain pissed that the WY ride was hooped. Then it hit us...why not just pull Buck's bike out of the RV and he can head down valley from right there in Alpine towards Afton which we could see from the map was about 32 miles away.  Nick would drive the RV to the end of the route, and bike up valley to intercept Buck and then turn around and finish together. Brilliant. And it worked just as planned - with Nick squeezing in time to do a bit of grocery shopping.

 Easy riding.
 At one ranch the Memorial Day Weekend spirit was in full furl...........
 We're quite sure there are 50 Old Glories in all.

The Salt Creek becomes a full fledged river at Thayne....
Riverfront sub-division.

We exited the valley of the A towns through the world's largest Elk horn arch.  Fo' real!

This evening we scored the last spot at Massacre Rocks Idaho State Park just west of American Falls.  In the morning we'll continue on to Boise and we plan to do our Idaho ride with Honolulu transplants Bob and Sue Paris Sunday afternoon.  At this point we're a day ahead of schedule and glad to have a little extra time in case the unseasonably cold weather has some surprises up its sleeve.

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