Monday, May 9, 2011

BikerBuck and Mr.Nick get ready to ramble. Check out the shirts!

We're in the four-day countdown for the first major mainland leg of the 50-50.  On Thursday night we fly to Vancouver, B.C. where we will pick up our bikes and load up the RV that we have rented from Adventure Touring.  Why B.C. as the starting point? That's one of the few depots that rents a class B RV configured as a pick up truck with a drop in camper with two beds, galley and head. I'm considering getting a rig like that and want to test it out. Plus, my bike resides up on B.C.'s Quadra Island, and my friendly shop owner crated and shipped it to a shop near the RV depot for a re-build.

We'll load up and take off on Friday the 13th of May with a 4,500 mile route plan that covers 11 states and gets us back to B.C. in 21 days.  We'll basically be driving on odd days and riding on even days, with several strategic exceptions. At this point we have 3 specific rides picked out and will research several more before we depart. Weather, road conditions and attractive distractions will no doubt rule our route and lead us to rideville. Our first week should take us to WA, OR, NV and CA.

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