Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Montanarama Wrap Up for Far West Adventure

BikerBuck and Mr. Nick were up early and on the Bitteroot Trail before the work day started in Missoula this morning.  We anticipated mid-day rain, which didn't happen, and logged 33 miles before lunch. Altogether a great ride on a seamless bikeway that stretches some 40+ miles alongside ranches, streams, farms, residences and small enterprises south of the Lolo Pass turn off. Road construction truncated 8 miles of the bikeway, shortening our route and giving us time for a leisurely exit from our final state in this the first mainland segment of the 50-50.

Sam Hall and Miss Kate were great fun to be with.

A barn with a view.

Bountiful valley, outstanding scenery.

It's a wrap for the first 11 mainland rides.

We are a full day ahead of schedule and staying tonight at the remarkable Riverside State Park in Spokane, WA. (Or as the Idaho panhandlers call it, "Spoke Angeles.") It truly was hectic at rush hour here this evening, but congestion turned to decompression when we selected our campsite.

That's the Spokane River in the background, running very high and fast.

Tomorrow we should make it easily to Vancouver and that will give us a full day Thursday to pack up, clean up and return Bigfoot, and find a handy airport hotel for our last evening in B.C.  Gettin' 'er done.

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