Monday, May 30, 2011

Rock Stars

In the comfort of the Bigfoot tonight, safely parked in front of Sam, Barbara and Kate Hall's house in Missoula, MT, BikerBuck is reflecting on the natural beauty of the Four Corners States of AZ, NM, CO and UT.  Those places are collectively unique in their incredible rock formations that are all similar yet distinct in each state.  Hard to describe - you sorta gotta be there - but for me these Southwest spreads share special bragging rights for their splendid firmament.  Rock on, neighbors.


New Mexico



What's the point here, you ask? You've probably heard the adage that asserts the sculptor's true skill is the art of taking something away.  With chisel and abrasives he or she takes away the "excess" rock, revealing the beautiful object that was always there.  

So what we're pointing out here - in a blinding flash of the obvious - is that we are all surrounded by natural beauty every moment, wherever we are.  The magnificent rock formations in the Four Corner States represent the in-our-face examples and yes, it's an industry there.  But no spot on earth is without its own beautiful rock. Whether conspicuous like Diamond Head or subtle like a sand dune, nature's hard stuff is perpetually in sight and there to be pondered and admired.  

So BikerBuck is asking you to find a moment today to take a really hard look at your rocks. Take in the beauty that nature puts before you and just enjoy it.  Go on, do it.  It's not hard.

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