Sunday, May 29, 2011

Beach Blanket Boise Bingo

We peeled out of Massacre Rocks State Park early Sunday morning and pulled into Bob and Sue Paris's driveway in Boise, ID just after lunch.  They were already suited up and ready to take us on a ride on the incredible Boise Greenbelt just minutes from their home.

What a bikers' dream...miles of beautifully maintained paved bikeways running beside both sides of the Boise River. The system connects residential areas with downtown, the state capitol, Boise State University, and historical sites.

Mr. Nick, Bob & Sue Paris, ready to ramble.

The bikeway runs through a public golf course, alongside toney townhomes, and beside picturesque Quinn's Pond in front of Bob and Sue's first apartment in Boise.

Bikeway vista

A major use of the Greenbelt is Boise State University's student traffic. The route passes by the entire campus, including its infamous football stadium.

 Smurf Turf!

But WHY? you might ask, has BikerBuck entitled this entry with a surf party theme? Well, the Buckster has just one word for you........
Urban Surfers

Mr. Nick and BikerBuck split off and blasted east towards Lucky Peak Reservoir and, after weathering a chilly downpour on the way back, clocked the full 50 km ride in the Gem State. We celebrated with our hosts at the Texas Roadhouse Cafe then turned to route planning for Memorial Day.  Next up: Montana. 

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