Monday, June 20, 2011

Land of Lincoln Log

It was drizzling outside when I got up to hit the Fairfield Inn's free breakfast spread. In truth, it's more of a pick your pre-packaged food like substance than a real breakfast...except for the waffles which you make yourself.  Now we're talkin'.

The weather news was not good. With a 70% chance of thunderstorms in the western burbs like Geneva, Illinois where I was going to ride, the day held little promise. But I stuck with the plan and parked at the Mill Race Cyclery well before it opened and left a note on the dash that I'd be back with their bike 'fore long. And off I rode on the Fox River Trail West.

It's actually a very lovely trail, well marked and expertly maintained. In the three hours I spent on the trails this morning I saw but one other rider, a commuter I reckon.  Did see several walkers with kids and dogs and one lonely runner.

The Fox runs south from the Fox Lake. Spillways help keep the water where it's supposed to be.

Lots of water fowl and little flying things abound, not to mention the poesies.

The bike route borrows some city streets here and there, so you get to see some weird stuff like this colorful old train station.

I'm all pau with my road trips for 2011, which have covered 20 states and about 8,500 miles of driving, about two thirds of which were on two lane roads and highways. It's been a great experience and again I have to thank my partner Mr. Nick and all of the friends and family who hosted BikerBuck's 50-50 and made the whole thing so special.  In the words of the Terminator (or do we now refer to him as the Sperminator?)....I'll be back.

Who knows what lies ahead?

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  1. Nice Going! I'm only 9 states behind you. If you want company on the next 10-20 states, let me know. I still like the idea of bringing the spouses along to keep themselves company while we ride.

    Enjoy Kentucky and let us know when you are returning to Honolulu.