Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ahh, Sunday morning...

So glad I spent another night at Holly & Orville's Inn. They were so nice and invited me into their kitchen for breakfast and interesting chat about their growing up years in ND and now their bifurcated life in Phoenix and Ft. Ransom. They are truly the kind of folks that you meet casually one time and the next thing you know you're through-hiking the Appalachian with them next year.

Got an early start to my next victim, the Lewis & Clark Recreation Area in the southeastern corner of South Dakota.  What a jewel!

Miles of bike paths throughout the campground, marina, and public areas including concert venues, beaches, nature walks, and horse trails.  I scratched the idea of a "day off" and jumped on my bike for a quick 16km before supper.

Sorry, Larry... it just LOOKS like a green. Truly, the shoreline and beach areas reminded me of KoOlina.

This would be my first dry-camping experience in the mini-van. Nitey night.....

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