Thursday, June 16, 2011

Bushwhacker Kin

After the hectic departure from Norfolk, NE yesterday I make it down to Stilwell, Kansas to catch up with my first cousin Fred Wilburn, retired American Airlines captain and bi-continental homemaker at his Italian villa near Castiglion Fiorentino and his creekside spread in Kansas.  Fred and I were reconnected last year when we join two other senior cousins to track down ancestral data in Oklahoma and Texas. On his own, Fred has undertaken the research on our Missouri kin, notably our great great grandfather and his family who were celebrated Bushwhackers during the border wars in Kansas and Missouri during the American Civil War period (aka the War of Northern Aggression.)

 Cover Couple on "Bushwhacker Musings" the house organ of the impressive Bushwhacker Museum in Nevada, Missouri. These are our great great maternal grandparents, William "Old Man" Gabbert and his wife Rebecca, circa. 1860.

The burning of Nevada is recalled in a street mural that covers the side of a prominent building.

This panel depicts the Gabberts' daughter Eliza, a local heroine in her own right.

As is our custom, Fred and I spent a bit of time in the local cemetery to pay respects.

Fred enjoys his adopted sport of Bocce and built a first rate court at his Kansas place.  Do not play Bocce with this man for money....I'm just sayin'...

We've had a great time devouring fabulous Italian cuisine prepared by Fred, lots of road time tracking out of the way places where our kin lived, exchanging updates on our own families and just plain taking a break.  Mahalo, cuz!

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