Thursday, September 22, 2011

Strait Talk

So what does BikerBuck do when he's not riding or RV-ing?
Could I interest you in a little kayak trip....

 What luck!  In early September a few last minute openings gave our good friends Mia and John Frishholz and me the opportunity to join a six-day kayaking tour run by Quadra Island's own Spirit of the West Adventures.  It is the jewel of SOW's world class offerings and we were thrilled to sign up on two days' notice.

Our Johnstone Strait Expedition departed via water taxi from Telegraph Cove on the northeast tip of Vancouver Island. We spent the first night at the Paddlers' Inn, about 20 miles up through the magical Broughton Archipelago. 
The next five days were extraordinary. Leisurely paddling among the hundreds of islands, stopping here and there for breaks and lunch, camping at different spots each night.
Eagles, humpback whales, harbor porpoise, seals, sea lions and a brief look at a pod of killer whales were the seascape from sunrise to sunset. The sights, sounds and smells were sumptuous.
Morning mists lifted by noon, each day more stunning than the last. Shore side excursions provided a probe into the ecology and history of the First Nations generations that have occupied this incredibly rich and challenging place for centuries. 

Our paddlers pod of nine plus our two remarkable guides, who double as plein aire chefs du cuisine, bonded at once. The practice of leave-no-trace, expedition style adventuring is the ultimate wake up call in pursuit of environmental awareness. We all agreed that this is one leisure experience that belongs on everyone's bucket list - and the sooner the better.

We heartily recommend Spirit of West and urge our good friends to consider an adventure with them. And how about a pre/post here with us on Quadra Island? Check out

BikerBuck is back on the road for Southern Comfort in his birthplace, Texas, on October 5 . Just remember, you can always tell a Texan. Course you can't tell 'em much.

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