Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Mississippi Magic

So who hasn't heard of Southern Hospitality?

Well BikerBuck is here to tell you that it's very much alive and well in bustling Hattiesburg MS, home to Southern Miss Univ. and the outstanding Longleaf Trace, a Rails-to-Trails Conservancy Project.
The Gateway is located right on the Southern Miss campus.

I drove straight to the Gateway from Orange Beach AL and popped in to get info and change into my riding togs. I recognized Mr. Herlon Pierce from the Trace's website and he welcomed me to his pride and joy. We exchanged greetings and I told him a bit about BB's 50-50. After I changed and came out to start my ride, Mr. Pierce and a very nice staff member, Kellie I believe, presented me with a handsome tee shirt.

What a lovely way to start my ride!

 Take a moment to enjoy these shots of Longleaf Trace.

Beaver pond. Sign said so.

I encountered these local ladies when one had left her water bottle at the scuttlebutt and I returned it to her.  They ride frequently - the Trace is a regular part of many people's daily routine.

Yo, Jackie! Here's that vine you've been looking for.

There are scores of these  identity signs along the lush sides of the trace.  I suspect that the University assists with identification and well being of the lush surroundings. 

Apparently the region is vineyard-free.  Hey, no sour grapes.

Can someone help me identify the car model that inspired this design? Looks imported.

The homes near the Trace are fun to inspect.

This place really is full of winners.
The miles flew by today on the Trace.  The riding is effortless, the experience is refreshing in a makes-you-feel-good-inside sort of way.  Apart from some logging in progress here and there, the normal cycling distractions such as curbs, cars and crap are simply not a factor.  This kind of riding is rather like a leisurely hot bath.  Lots of time to let your mind unwind.  And you're damp.

Mahalo to the supporters and stewards of Longleaf Trace.

A hui hou!

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